Cure Vaginal Thrush – Who Else Wants To heal Vaginal moniliasis And Using Herbal Remedies?

Published: 28th July 2010
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Vaginal monilia disease builds up from the sustenance of too much fungus fungi in the vaginal area. The situation, though it starts from this particular type of fungus, has many different causes. The candida fungus is present in the female's body by nature. But when it becomes excessive, vaginal candidiasis is a result.

There are several causes of vaginal candidiasis; there are also various symptoms and cures. Taking each case in isolation, will help in the treatment of vaginal thrush. The principal difference among vaginal thrush and the various types of yeast infections are its appearance. Vaginal Thrush can be successfully and swiftly cured. It can be treated with anti fungal antibiotics and gels or through natural methods.

someof the common vaginal candidiasis drugs include Diflucan, Miconazole, Clotrimazole and Ketoconale. While being important in curing vaginal candidiasis you must be careful of their side effects. The regular side effects are fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, skin rashes and itching and in some, even convulsions. These medications cannot be given if pregnant or breastfeeding, these are medical experts' recommendations for their usage.

Vaginal candidiasis can be treated through unprocessed therapies also. Some of the remedies include: apple cider vinegar, yogurt, garlic and tea tree oil along while eating the correct diet will help in treating the infection. moniliasis infections can equally be healed within few days of starting the treatment. For a very effective treatment it can helpful when you keep off alcohol, sugar, breads, biscuits and coffee, these are foods that the yeasts are fond of, until your symptoms go away. Then you can re-introduce these foods into your diet slowly.

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Cure Vaginal Thrush

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